Great Ideas Demand Strong Partners

When we speak of visionaries, we mean you, our valued customers - join us in creating true greatness!

Learn more about the ideas behind the «Visionaries».

Global Footprint

CCS Group – wherever you need us …

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Optimum costs coupled with highest quality & quickest availability …

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When speed counts … your prototype within 5 working days

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Reduction of squandering of ressources combined with process optimisations …

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Ecological Footprint

The CCS Group yearly implements a package of environmental measures …

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Welcome, Visionaries!

This is the message embodied in our new image. When we speak of visionaries, we mean you, our valued customers – because our economy lives from the marvellous ideas created and developed in your enterprise as part of your vision. Your inventions and designs are the driving force that keeps the economy moving, underpins the innovativeness of different European industries, forms the basis of new patents or technological milestones and, of no less importance, secures countless jobs.

Great ideas demand strong partners

The CCS Group supports your visions on the road to the future. As a realisation partner, we breathe life into these ideas and, in partnership with you, give form to that which is created in the think tanks and on the drawing boards of your companies. In addition to a brilliant idea, new visions need a major investment and the taking of business risks – always enormous commitments.

In order to realise your planned intentions, we provide you with support through the following core values of the CCS Group:

  • Partnerships based on trust
  • Transparent cooperation
  • Reliability in all processes
  • International set-up to ensure location flexibility

Continuous solution orientation contributes to the realisation of a product innovation. After all, your success also ensures ours.

Identification with renowned Visionaries:

Numerous innovations from worldfamous scientist were revolutionary for their time and well beyond. Great names associated with major inventions in past centuries include Leonardo da Vinci, Werner von Siemens, Carl F. Benz, Thomas Alva Edison, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie etc.

We have illustrated our new company image through portraits of these inspiring personalities.

Welcome, our dear visionaries – we would like to invite you to join us in creating true greatness!


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Swiss-based EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) provider CCS Group will be integrated into Denmark’s largest EMS company GPV, which is owned by Danish industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

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Logo CCS Gohlke

We inform about the assumption of the customer portfolio and the majority of the employees of Letron GmbH (based in Osterode, Germany) by CCS Gohlke GmbH, effective as per 1st of March 2017.

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Milestones of the CCS Group

2015Rebranding: CCS becomes umbrella brand globally
2015consolidation of Swiss activities: Adaxys SA & CCS Schweiz AG form new
CCS Adaxys AG
2014forming of new CCS Holding AG: fusion of AKAtech & CCS Group
2014CCS Slovensko s.r.o.: new subsidiary in Slovakia
2012strategic alliance with the AKAtech Group
2012takeover of Gohlke Elektronik GmbH by CCS Holding AG
2011CCS Group as new majority shareholder in Adaxys SA
2011new majority shareholder in CCS Holding AG
2003CCS Customer Care & Solutions, foundation of CCS Holding AG (joining together of Formatest AG and Elsuma AG)
2002further expansion in Lyss (Selectron Electronicservice AG is taken over)
2000foundation of Elsuma Ltd. China
1998growth of the production centre Lyss (takeover of Stelec AG)
1993foundation of Formatest GmbH, Sexau
1992Service extension "Development" at Formatest AG
1986Start of production in the Far East
1985foundation of Formatest AG

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Ecological footprint

The CCS Group endeavours to protect both, human health and natural resources.

We take responsibility in the management of our environment and act carefully and sparingly with natural resources. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we consciously develop and use new environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

Our environmental commitment is documented in our Code of Conduct, our quality management is certified according to ISO 14001.

In addition, a package of environmental measures is implemented each year, initiated by the continuous improvement process and the environmental commitment of our employees. You can get an insight into this here: Environment Initiatives 2016 (PDF)

Vision CCS Group

The CCS Group stands for a highly customer oriented organisation. We strive for highest customer satisfaction by innovative services throughout the entire digital value chain. Our commitment to our partners is providing best practice design and manufacturing services from idea to after sales requirements. We believe that our employees are our most important asset to provide the best possible service. Our corporate behavior supports and respects responsibility to constantly changing requirements.


The values and ethical principles of the CCS Group are written down in our Code of Conduct (CoC). The Code of Conduct represents our cornerstones to act as a fair and integral partner against all stakeholders.

The main task of the CoC is to make all employees aware of applicable laws and company directives and to sensitise them to legal risks during their professional routine.

The Code compiles laws and other rules that are particularly relevant to the CCS Group and provides guidelines for responsible action. Whether it is for dealing with business partners, the public, but also with one another within the company.

On request, we will gladly provide you with a copy. Please contact our press office.

Group Management

Highest authority:
General meeting of shareholders

Supervisory board:

Hans-Peter Metzler

(Supervisory Board President)

Andreas R. Herzog

(Supervisory Board member)

Kurt Hitz

(Supervisory Board member)

Thomas Lorünser

(Supervisory Board member)

Dr. Rainer Reichert

(Supervisory Board member)

Werner Schnorf

(Supervisory Board member)

Group Management:

Thomas Kaiser (CEO)

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Lippuner (CFO)

Finance and HR

Hans-Peter Hauser (COO)


Jörg Allemann (CIO)


Extended Group Management:

François Brander (BD)

Head of Sales Switzerland

Dr. Peter U. Schmitt (BD)

Head of International Sales

Felix Tobler (CTO)

Head of Global R&D

Patrick Oldani (CPO)

Head of Strategic Purchasing

Customer portal "my CCS"

Information about the customer portal "my CCS"

Via login, we offer our customers protected access to our internal database. This access facilitates the work when searching, comparing and clarifying the components delivery situation. Order processing and follow-up can equally be carried out via the Internet.

  • Access to actively managed components
  • Information about 2nd-source alternatives
  • Cross-referencing of customer to CCS item numbers
  • Where-used list and management type of components
  • Management of parts lists
  • Compiling and dispatch of part-lists via internet
  • Processing of changes to parts-lists via internet (incl. record of changes)
  • Simple and complex search options for components and part-lists
  • Order processing and follow-up